Symphony No. 1 in F minor op. 15

Symphony No. 1 op. 15 (1906-07), although it grew out of the Straussian model (and is at times close to Wagner and Scriabin, has some original and bold moments. However, Szymanowski regarded it as an unsuccessful composition. Originally in three movements, it was finally performed – only once, on 26 March 1909, at the Warsaw Philharmonia, conducted by Fitelberg – as a two-part composition (Allegro pathetique, Allegretto), and then withdrawn by the composer. He did intend to do further work on it in the following years. Even though the first movement clearly contains ideas superior to the Concert Overture, Szymanowski disliked that Symphony even while he was writing it. “It will turn out to be some sort of contrapuntal-harmonic-orchestral monster,” – he fumed in a letter to A. Klechniowska dated 11 July 1906.