Two Basque Songs (1925)

Argizagi ederra – Piękny księżyc
Maitiak bilhoa holli – Ukochane złote włosy

In the summers of 1925 and 1926 Szymanowski with the Kochańskis stayed at the invitation of Dorothy Jordan-Robinson in Saint Jean-de-Luz in the French Pyrenees, i.e. in the Basque country, by the Spanish border. They took many trips by car into the mountains, to the Spanish side as far as San Sebastian. Szymanowski, delighted with that region, wrote to Helena Kahn-Casella (20 July 1925): “The interior of that land, far from people, is wonderful and full of mysteries. If I were a Frenchman I would love it as much as, being Polish, I love Zakopane.” While in St. Jean, he composed La Berceuse op. 52 and Two Basque Songs to folk lyrics – unfortunately their manuscript has been lost.