Kurpie songs for mixed choir

Hej, wółki moje
A chtóz tam puka
Niech Jezus Chrystus
Bzicem kunia
Wyrzundzaj sie, dziwce moje
Panie muzykancie, prosim zagrać walca

Szymanowski’s interest in music from the Kurpie region (north-east Poland) dates from 1928, when Teatr Płocki presented in Warsaw the spectacle by Rev. Władysław Skierkowski Wesele na Kurpiach [A Kurpie Wedding] (with music and dancing), and the first part of Puszcza Kurpiowska w pieśni [Kurpie forest in song] by the same author became available. Szymanowski first edited two choral songs using this collection (1928) for an ensemble Kapela Ludowa directed by Stanisław Kazuro at Warsaw Conservatory. After the success of that works, inspired by Stanisław Wiechowicz he composed four more during his stay in Edlach, 1928/29, completing a cycle of six choral pieces.