Lullaby (La Berceuse d’Aitacho Enia) for violin and piano op. 52 (1925)

The iambic rhythm, repeated by the piano at the beginning and then at the end of the work, seems to provide justification for calling it a Lullaby from the first bars. The “soporific” character of the music is maintained by the successive ostinati in the piano part. Against this background there develops the cantilena of the solo violin which to a listener familiar with Szymanowski’s style sounds almost ascetic. Only in the middle episode trills and double stops intensify the music’s expression, evoking in its culmination a reminder of the quasi-oriental ecstatic raptures of earlier works.
Lullaby was written in July 1925 at St-Jean-de-Luz in the Basque country. At that time the composer was a guest of Dorota Jordan-Robinson, and thus the full title of the work contains the name of her hospitable villa: La Berceuse d’Aitacho Enia.