Family house of the Szymanowskis; this is where the composer was born and spent his youth. Between 1901 and 1914 Karol Szymanowski would usually spend there summers and autumns. He also stayed in Tymoszówka for most of the First World War. The estate was often visited by his friends (Artur Rubinstein, Paweł Kochański, Stefan Spiess and Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz) and proved to be an excellent place for work for Szymanowski. It was in Tymoszówka where he composed most of his works from the first and second periods. In October 1917 he left Tymoszówka never to return to it again. Today, the local school houses a memorial chamber devoted to Szymanowski.

Memories – Dąbrowska (Tymoszówka)

Memories – Taube (Tymoszówka)