Before WWI the composer’s sister, Stanisława lived in Lvov. Szymanowski often visited her during his journeys between Tymoszówka (link do Traveller: Tymoszowka), Vianna, Cracow and Zakopane. His music was often performed in Lvov and was very well received. In 1910 Szymanowski received the first prize for his First Piano Sonata at a composers’ competition held in the city. Adolf Chybiński, musicologist who was enthusiastic about Szymanowski’s music, worked in Lvov. It was also in Lvov that a tragic event took place that deeply shook Szymanowski – on 23 January 1925 the composer’s niece, Alusia Bartoszewicz, died while playing in the garden of the Visitandines. The composer was the first to received the news about the girl’s death. The event inspired him to compose Stabat Mater.